Telepathic Caller
The Telepathic Caller is a tool which will help you make calls faster and with less hassle by predicting who you want to call instead of asking you.

The caller comes with 2 widgets, a 2x1 (displays 2 contacts) and 4x1 (displays 4 contacts) depending on how much space you want to dedicate to it. You can also browse a longer list of predicted people to call by opening up the full application.

Who you are going to call is predicted based on your previous call history. This is all pushed through extensive analysis to try and approximate who you are going to call next.

In addition to call prediction the app also gives you a profile type based on your calling habits. To view the description of your profile: pull up the sliding drawer at the bottom of the app. This can be disabled from the settings if you don't find it's somewhat random insight helpful.
Read Contact Data
The app needs to read your contact data in order to display them for calling.
Read system log files
The call logs are read to help predict who you are going to call next
Directly call phone numbers
This is for the widget and app so you can call your contacts with a single click
Version History
Version 1.0 - App Released