Train Trapper
Allows you to find the trains times for any Metro train service. Detects your location and displays the upcoming trains at your nearest station.
Can search for trains at any time of day and between up to 2 train lines at a time.
- Displays all trains for all 17 Metro train lines in Melbourne. V/Line will be added at a later date.
- Select a train station or allow your device to detect the nearest station and have it display the upcoming trains.
- Filter the display to only show the train line and direction you want to travel on.
- Select a train to see more detail about when it will arrive at each station, which zones you will pass through.
- Search for trains between two given stations. The app can work out connecting trains to get you from one line to another.
- Search History is also available from the Seach screen.
Your location (coarse location, fine location)
This is used to collect your latitude and longitude and find your nearest stations.
Network communication (full internet access)
While connected to the internet Train Trapper will try and get the latest train service information to let you know about train delays and cancellations.
Version History
Version 1.0 - App Released
Version 1.1 - Fixed loading FC experienced by some users
Version 1.2 - Added a direction filter, zone colours, search history and removed ads! (for only 3-4 cents a day it didn't seem worth it)
Version 1.3 - Added Royal Melbourne Show train timetables (Flemington Line) 18/09 - 28/09. Also added the Express train indicator (that image of the speeding train, it means express). There is also now a setting for Location detection accuracy.
Version 1.4 - Added live service updates. These are displayed as coloured indicators on the main screen and the description of any disruptions are displayed on the details screen. Also added travel times and PayPal integration to the Donate screen.
Version 1.5 - Fixed the midnight displayed time and departing minutes thereafter. Also fixed the search to correctly show connecting trains on limited access services.
Version 1.6 - Updated timetables for the October 10th Metro update. Affected lines include: Craigieburn, Cranbourne, Frankston, Glen Waverly, Stony Point, Sydenham Werribee and Williamstown. Also fixed defect in search which caused it to show poor connecting trains.
Version 1.7 - Further enhancements made to search functionality. Short list of 5 nearest stations also provided at the top of the station selection list. Defaults to City Loop Stations if no location can be detected.
Version 1.8 - Added 'Show on Map' menu option to show you the location of the train station in Maps.
Version 1.8.1 - Defect Fixes.
Version 1.9 - Added Support for QVGA and Installing to SD Card. Also a number of defect fixes.
Version 1.9.1 - Added Favourites support for stations and search history. Favourite stations are shown at the top of the stations list just below nearest stations.